Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review: Oslee Clear Spa Sleeping Mask

Have been using this to save my face from further havoc for approx 3 months by now. As sensitive as my face is, this mask is actually a savior for me, particularly when I ignore healthy eating habits (which means fried n oily food 24/7) or spending too many hours outdoor. My face would be revitalized and whitened after a night sleep using this mask. No additional pimples observed. Pores are minimized and skin is greatly hydrated.

Priced at RM59.90 for 50ml of this concentrated gel is rather reasonable. Comparing to Laneige Water Sleeping pack EX (trial), Oslee Clear Spa provides more significant result on my face I would add. But Beauty Diary Aloe Vera mask effect is defitnitely comparable to this one, as good as this one in fact.

And above all, I particularly adore the rosey scent of this mask ( & almost all of the Oslee products sold in Guardian). As a matter of fact, I thought it is its scent which put me to a good night sleep as roseship is helpful in de-stress!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

"Marrying Mozart"

Well, I ain't marrying him (if so, I would have become a heroin in his opera, which is utter romantic .. lolz) This is but the most recent masterpiece by Stephanie Cowell I read since 2 days' back. Overwhelming as it is, this is another romance genre I really fancy, twisting the career & relationships of young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (the prodigy classical musician in Vienna) and the 4 Weber sisters.

I must admit that musician isn't a character I am familiar with (coz Danielle Steele talked about lawyers, housewives, pilots and militants almost all the time). But I can't help noticing that musicians like Mozart & Igor Stravinsky (the Russian musician who involved with Coco Chanel) did bear some similarality e.g. they would "imprison" themselves for quite sometime & need women influence in order to compose good music =.=

Highly commendable and it is available in UUM library. Yes, DA LIBRARY -- the place I am gonna miss most when I leave ... the place I spent hours reading newspapers ... n the best library stored with the most comprehensive novels... n I earnestly hope that my future workplace owns a library just like this one

And my favorite sentence:
" In them he asked Aloysia many times why she couldn't love him as much as he loved her."

P/S: the German Border Guard case was part of the answer of my juris paper as I predicted in that post.

Banana Juice in Pink

It is amongst my favorite beverages in UUM till to date. Obtainable in Subaidah, UUM. Countless times have I spread words to fellow UUM students that it is a "magical" beverage. Fellow UUM pals would stared at me and uttered, "BANANA JUICE???" Everyone reacted the same, as far as I can remember. :-)

I bought it again on 23/11/2010, as a consolation to myself on the day we finished 3 equally challenging consecutive papers on 3 days' period.. Odd enough, it was PINK in colour on that day (as opposed to the usual faded yellow.. u noe, banana kan)

How to make a Banana Juice?
Blend milk, banana, syrup and ice together. And voila!

Thrilled, I asked the staff there how come it was so. The staff told me in broken BM that it was SPECIAL. Yet, it tasted as good as ever(even better I suspected) Eventually, I figured out they just substituted red syrup with their normal syrup.

Then, it struck me. Life's just like Banana Juice(lolz!!) It's up to our creativity to shape our future. And there's always more than one way to make some of our dreams come true (or all perhaps) ;-))) Surely, I am so gonna miss the Banana Juice from Subaidah when I leave.....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Scent from the Drying Area

While majority of Malaysians family has been celebrating the joyous Hari Raya Haji since the day before, we, the second floor-ers of H Block of College of Bank Rakyat, on the contrary, have been scented by this foreign odour for the past 2 days. Sharp, nasty, and so sickening that anyone standing near it would feel like throwing up on the spot - best described the "scent". Lets have a wild guess what is it!

Having no idea why it is called a "Drying Area" instead of a "Laundry"(probably because washing machine is on the other end of the alley), dirty clothes of 2-days could not be washed. Eventually, we have to wash them on the 3rd floor. To make matter worse, our bathrooms & toilets are just adjacent the Drying Area and it is almost the end in the alley between our rooms. Which means we can't avoid the "scent" even before leaving our room to go tapao downstairs or when nature calls.

The scent came from the scattered excrement (or shits) in the basin in the Drying Area. We inferred that the excrement was from a cat(the grey one which has been wondering outside our room since Sunday) instead of the noisy monkeys. There were some new pieces added to the scattered pieces this morning. Yuck!! I really wish that the holiday would end soon. And so is our little hardship here.

Till death the "scent" would linger in our nostrils. In mine n my roomie's at least.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Be Grateful, Be Contented

It's been raining cats and dogs since yesterday. Today would be no difference, I thought. Turned out, it was a windy morning. Settling most of my errands, I am grateful and contended.

With the advancement of technology, I had managed to cleared some fuss,without much fuss actually. I am grateful and contented.

Having used almost all the energy I gained from Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk and some biscuits - just to start the engine of my long-abandoned bike, I am grateful and contented that I managed to reach Komtar and come back home safely.

At the same time, I am grateful that I have voluntarily assumed the obligation as an adult Malaysian. I looked down on those who keep demanding this and that from the country yet never even play a simple role of a responsible rakyat. So, daftarlah sebagai seorang pengundi! That is if you are eligible. This can be done in almost all of the post offices or Pejabat Pos Malaysia.

Conclusion: It is from the simplest tiniest things we could derive our pleasure, gratitude and contentment. To award myself for being learning yet another simple lesson, I would give myself a simple treat. ; )