Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review: Oslee Clear Spa Sleeping Mask

Have been using this to save my face from further havoc for approx 3 months by now. As sensitive as my face is, this mask is actually a savior for me, particularly when I ignore healthy eating habits (which means fried n oily food 24/7) or spending too many hours outdoor. My face would be revitalized and whitened after a night sleep using this mask. No additional pimples observed. Pores are minimized and skin is greatly hydrated.

Priced at RM59.90 for 50ml of this concentrated gel is rather reasonable. Comparing to Laneige Water Sleeping pack EX (trial), Oslee Clear Spa provides more significant result on my face I would add. But Beauty Diary Aloe Vera mask effect is defitnitely comparable to this one, as good as this one in fact.

And above all, I particularly adore the rosey scent of this mask ( & almost all of the Oslee products sold in Guardian). As a matter of fact, I thought it is its scent which put me to a good night sleep as roseship is helpful in de-stress!!!

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