Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dead Men Tell No Lies

There is a time to live and a time to die. If you own some savings in da bank or 1 Malaysia Trust Fund (because you are so damn lucky that the govt granted you 100 units upon uni entrance), have a few hundred bucks of EPF or SOCSO, possess a Myvi or a motorbike under your name, carry a Canon D500 or iPhone4, and hope that those stuffs go to some specific person e.g. your concubine or BF or even BFF upon your sudden leaving of real world - you ought to have a WILL (wasiat) to kuasa the same. At the same time, owning too many wills causes fuss to your loved ones e.g. died leaving 2 wills

Layman: I wished I did not die... sigh~

Fairy: It is very wrong for you to be greedy, you know .. for you have lived for the past 65 years..

Layman: I died leaving 2 wills ... 2 wills are totally different ... sigh~

Fairy: Ok, then the 2nd will is the valid one lor : ) ( as per Re Palmer's Goods)

Layman: The 2nd will was thumb-printed instead of signed wor... sigh~

Fairy: No worries .. Thumb-print is a valid signature : ) ( as per Thiang Kai Goh v. Yee Bee Eng)

Layman : The 2nd will was not made by lawyers ...sigh~

Fairy: Who cares, as long as it is in writing, signed by you, attested by 2 witnesses, when you are sane, and when you are over 18 years old : ) (S5(1) Wills Act 1959)

Layman: I hope I can rest in peace then ... sigh~

Fairy: You could, as long as there is no vitiating factors such as you were mentally-ill (as per Re Ng Toh Pew deceased)

Layman: Sigh~

In short, make sure you scribble something on a piece of paper or on your shoes or purse before you die, as that could be a will too, if you are too stingy to have a will written by a lawyer. : )

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Once in a Lifetime

18.12.2010 - Red Box Karaoke 1st Avenue, the philanthropist of the week blasted Penangites with this promo whereby you can scream your heart out with just RM1 (complimentary 1 beverage + 1 meal/pax). Provided that you are one of the first 50 persons per session.

18.12.2010 - I did something Penangites don't always do and I vouched to be one of the 50 lucky persons during the 10am session.

Excited as we were, I, HZ, MC and SP went as early as 7.30am to queue for our lucks. Regardless of mom's refusal and friends' mocking, we went anyway, for the reason we live only once. Anyway, there were already 30+ people lining up =.= . So, Penangites aren't as laid-back or un-kiasu at all .. And since it was hours away from the session, we played Doraemon UNO.. until something happened and we no longer had any mood to continue with the game.

Above are the crazy 4 final semester students (the one holding the phone was included) in the queue. Despite the incident, we managed to go in. We paid only RM4.40 for the 2-hour session. And I shall conclude the session was fun and worth the long-wait + embarrassment. Special thanks to HZ's mommy & SP's vouchers. After all, we were all winners for the UNO games & the singing (or SCREAMING.. keke)

Shall I do it again in the near future? I will take serious consideration:-)

Review: Herbaline Nano Pimples Cream

Cons: Highly priced at RM88 (or RM80) for 20g, Herbaline Pimples Cream does not work magic on me like it has worked for Lili. Based on my approx 2-month experience, pimples would subside in 3-4 days' period after day + night application. Since I am instructed to spread it evenly on my face, and it does not prevent the growth of new pimples. The amount used on each pimple is substantial. Also due to my skin color, I actually looked pretty pale after applying it.

Pros: The scent is decent, J'adore! It is a perfect concealer I would say as scars can be perfectly covered. Not diminished though it is promised that it would lighten scars.

Repurchase? I definitely don't think so ... : )

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Errr ...I'm a lawyer!

One of the perks of working as Scott Brand Ambassador @ Jom Heboh TV3 2010 was that I got to distribute orange balloons to kids. Believe me, it's the most self-fulfilling & confidence-boosting task ever. When you appear from the booth with a bunch of orange balloons, you command great attention when kids and parents would surround you like a swam of bees and endeavour to grab balloons from you. Just love the task! Anyway, there's this man who came to me when I was doing my job.

Pak Cik: Can I have a balloon for my son (while his son looked @ me innocently)

Me: I'm sorry as our balloons are strictly for customers only. (Then, I began to promote the cheapest package available)

Pak Cik: Ah moi, please la! I am a police man. (softly he uttered, or should I say coerced?)

Me: errr ... I am a lawyer!!

Pak Cik: ....(Speechless and left)