Monday, January 02, 2012

Escapade to Sekinchan Using Public Transports

The auspicious year of Dragon was kicked start by visiting the uber renowned Sekinchan. Remotely located at the very outskirts of Selangor Darul Ehsan, one would be shocked by the existence of these serene villages alongside with the well-developed city of Twin Towers. As usual, the RM8+ bus tickets were abruptly bought as it's a unplanned decision.
Paddy field explains how Sekinchan is named after.
Nah! Who says you can't travel to Sekinchan without traveling by cars?

As the most recent batches of paddy has just been turned into rice, twas the among the better shots we captured! =)

For most people know Sekinchan as a ricebowl, perhaps we could look at it from a different angle. It's a combination of a few villages which make their living (or fortune) outta the most primitive activities on earth i.e. farming + fishing.
And according to my friend, local chinese TV series adore shooting here.
P/S the sea is black in color because the village is basically built on a land rich in alluvium
My longest meal ever. The 4-dishes sumptuous seafood lunch took us long enough as we waited PATIENTLY for 2hours before the meals was eventually served. What to say, it was definitely worth the wait as it did not manage to poke holes in our pockets. XD And mind you, they were of 4 person's portion.
Make a wild guess, which one belongs to me?
Have no idea why most houses come with these 2 Chinese words.
All in all, this was indeed an awesome getaway for city-goers like us. To me, Sekinchan looks kinda like a expanded version of Balik Pulau in Penang (Okie, everything reminds me of Penang ;D)These villagers very much reminded us of the abundance of happiness simplicity could bring us. And most importantly, they clearly define what life is meant to be.