Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Flight with Air Asia X : KL - STN

30 June 2010 @ 12.30pm - I boarded AAX to London without any complication. It was my second time flying with Air Asia (there'll be more to come I predict). Excited as I was, the flight was actually fulled of foreigners (Hey man, the foreigners from first class countries were more than willing to choose AAX instead of Qatar Airways, Emirates and the list goes on, I was so very proud to be a Malaysian then n there!)

The flight was acceptable. I surely did get what I paid =). Not to the enjoyable extend though. I had never spent 13 + hours on an airplane as far as I can recall. There was no entertainment unless I am willing to pay more, which I didn't of cause - as a backpacker. Chatters with the British lady who lives in Australia and the Malaysian who has a daughter reading medicine Edinburgh, had definitely made my flight more interesting. And so was the Russian who is doing Law in Westminster University. We had great academic discussion on Donoghue v Stevenson!! Didn't suffer backache as I was young, strong and fulled of excitement! Neck ache though =).


I pre-booked my meals due to kiasu-ism =) which I did not regret much afterwards. I have forgotten the price, but they were worthwhile as I remember.

KL-STN: I bought 2 bottles of mineral water to avoid dehydration to the detriment of my skin. 1 bottle was attached with my pre-booked XX Pasta. I have forgotten what pasta was it. The pasta was okay but the side dish sucked. I bought Marigold Orange Juice with RM6, Famous Amos Cookies RM5, Potato Crisps RM4 later to sate my hunger because skipping the side dishes. Couldn't believe I actually spent that much on food then. The British lady took ONLY pasta throughout the 13 hours!

STN-KL: The flight was shorter than the one to London.
I was served with a pre-booked Roasted Chicken. It was actually delicious. It was during the second half of the flight that I realized we would be served two meals on flights to London or vice versa for pre-booked meals. I got my Chicken Cottage Pie but I gave it to a Malay lady because I was so pissed off that I missed a meal on my first flight to London Stansted =.=

The Stewards & Stewardess
The female crews were well-groomed, polite but not too attentive. So, were the male crews. Compared to the local flights, steward & stewardess were actually more attentive. All in all, it is sufficient as all of them are good looking : )

The Berlin Wall

It is now 12.10a.m. and I couldn't sleep yet. So, I guess updating my blog could be a wiser move instead of laying on my bed staring into the ceiling.

This picture was taken in the"Ripley's Believe or Not?"warehouse in the heavenly London during my Depressing Trip.

Once, this was a part of the ubiquitous Berlin Wall of German. Since Dr. Ahmad Masum's mentioning about the East German Bodyguard case of the other day,whereby the people who crossed Berlin Wall was authorized to be killed by the Nazi Regime, this picture had never quit popping out from my mind.

It might be a positive sign that I should read more about this wall. Or better still, it could be related to my final examination on Jurisprudence subject. =) Naive me . . .

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Review on My Hubby Nixoderm

People, I haven't found a new man yet. This is just my favourite primples cream of 7-months . The Nixoderm. :-@

Got to know it from a blog and due its price factor(plus its effectiveness I got to know from forums), I immediately bought it from Guardian Pacific Komtar during my homecoming and have since, fallen madly in love with it. The Nixoderm sounds expensive .. but it isn't .. it costs only RM4.90. =,=

For your information, I have a sensitive face. :-( and that's not the entire story. My forehead and T-zone are of oily and pimples-prone nature. and the sensitive zone is also pimples prone .. at times (oh how i loathe them!!!)
Despite the burning sensation my my pimples when I apply the cream on my face(to which I really enjoy^^), The Nixoderm actually does miracles on my pimples. My pimples usually fades within 2-3 days by applying the cream on the same spots for the periods. Most important of all, the cream does no damage to the ever sensitive areas of my face with thin skin.

The 2 downsides: the indescribable odour and washing it in the morning requires a great effort. but no worries, my Clinelle Deep Cleansing gel is still doing a good job. : )

All in all, a very pratical product recommended by me n my roomie : ) i think because of the sulphate ingredients in it, it is functioning well in killing germs on my pimples instead of triggering them and hence, no effect on my sensitive zone.

As a bonus, it can clear blackhead. to which I have never tried .. haha

[The picture is taken from is]

Friday, August 20, 2010


Got this tiny sunblock from UUM Kachi Mall when I went to the Lost World, Tambun last year. 3 weeks ago, again, I accidentally bumped into it in a convenient shop after clubbing in Langkawi. I know I am dark .. but dark person deserves to be protected from scary UVA and UVB too!! =.=

Do ignore the Evidence 1950 Act behind ( hehe... )

This tiny bottle sunblock of 6g of RM5.90(or RM4.90 ??unsure) worth all the price I paid : ) Kecil kecil cili padi!!

I managed to apply 4-5 layers evenly on my face, my back, both hands and legs in Tambun. The Langkawi one was lesser .. may be it had been placed in the shop for quite some time then =.=

The outcome: I din't become darker(as in overall) after the Tambun trip, maintain to be actual .. probably due to SPF 65 lo ... and no comment for the Langkawi one as I only applied during island-hopping on the third day = ) and of coz I din't get cancer .. LOL
The scent: Lovely !! thickly scented ... but never over-scented ..
The sensation: Cooling as it contains alcohol (anything doesn't??) and neither sticky nor oily at all
My SENSITIVE face: no new pop-outs ad far as I can remember ... hence, it is suitable for ultra-sensitive skin
Re-purchase: I will if I need it again ..n ofcoz I will need it again during my Bali Backpacking soon =)