Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gay Pride Rally

Today has marked the final Jurisprudence class of my life. It has always been the lecturer 's habit of quoting gay marriages in the UK as an example of hundreds of thousands of legal theories. Everytime he mentioned about how the homosexuals demonstrate publicly in the street, these vivid scene would pop out of no where....

Yeah right, I happened to be in London on 3 July 2010 and was awed by their stunning outfits! It was the 40th Anniversary of Gay Liberation in UK..

At first, I thought it was apocalypse. LOL (I had slipped my mind on the existence of this glorious event then)

So, it turned out to be a parade. Even gay is liberalized, the Brits were still demanding for a change of better law.. And that was the purest reason why I chose to read law... (Mind y'all, I ain't a gay in whatsoever aspect!)

And now I kinda agree that studying law in UK does have its perks!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Penang Property Reviews

On the verge of becoming a working adult, I realized that conversation between me n my peeps is no longer surrounding A from SXI has a crush on B our classmate, or C has betrayed D. We now talk about profound issues, we now talk about PROPERTY. Penang Property to be actual.

Thanks to UUM, I learned that goods depreciate. Thanks to newspapers, I learned that property does not depreciate, especially so in Georgetown. Thanks to Microeconomics , I learned that property in Penang is getting expensive due to scarcity of land. And thanks to PropWall Penang, I learned about my dream house.

As organized as it is, this Malaysian property webbie allows prospective customers (or even passerby like me) to look for property in accordance with our location,categorical or alphabetical preferences and most-wanted properties on the site.It is so well-designed that people could enjoy browsing each and every property without feeling tensed.
So, my dream house is situated in Moonlight Bay, Batu Feringgi. Smashing, isn't it?
Upon clicking the link of palace of my dream, I was further shocked by the meticulous and detailed description of this property e.g. it's developed by Ivory Properties Group and it is a freehold property, as well as the facilities attached e.g. house lift & hill top landscape garden. The killer factor of this webbie would be the honest analysis done on my dream house.

While indulging in every little details of my dream house, I discovered that some similar properties are displayed on the side bar, which is definitely a convenience for serious house buyers. For those who seek for good deals, they just need to enter their e-mail and the next thing they know would be owning a house in the Pearl of Orient. This webbie even owns a Facebook account so that passerby like me can be kept updated (as I'd be a buyer someday =>)

Just a reminder to myself, a dream house would not always be a dream.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ada Tulis Nama ke?

Hit by an abrupt durian crave, I went to Gajah Jatuh town to satisfy my desire. Upon boarding the bus to return to my hostel, I saw an empty seat and walked swiftly towards it. While I was adjusting my skirt after sitting down .....

Another Undergraduate of 3rd-class mentality: Cik, sini ada orang duduk la! (She was keeping the place for her friend)

Me: Ya ke? Ada tulis nama ke? (I looked around searching for the name..lol)

Another Undergraduate of 3-rd class mentality: Erm... tak de la.. Kau duduk depan je la (While pointing to the almost-filled-up seats at the front)

Me: .................. (WTF!!!!!!!!)

Friday, April 08, 2011

I'm in Malaysia Book of Records, don play play^^

Tataz to carefree March and hello frantic April! Despite my theoretically-stuffed-agenda, I managed to slot in UUM Ponggal Fest on this morning =) [okay la, I sort of backed up last nite. But, I don't make empty promises!!]

My tender-age roomie+me in Punjabi-suit+stunning Veron

My fantasies about Ponggal Fest:
A long list of Hindu rituals dominated by fellow Indians coupled with several traditional performances.

The Reality-checks:
1) Hindu Rituals
There was.
Hazy Tapak Ekspo

But was cut to the minimal. The only ritual we did was cooking some mixture of sweet rice with raisins, i.e. Pongal, (kind of reminds me of Nando's) in a brand new ceramic pot using milk until they were boiled over. ON FIREWOOD not gas stove! And it's a way to praise the God (stand to be corrected). And for someone who yet to know how to cook, I truly enjoyed the ride to make fire & looking for ways to get the Pongal boiled over! The keywords were PATIENCE & HEAT!

Ponggal Ponggal!
2) Dominated by Fellow Indians
Indeed it is. But rest assured, Chinese was abundant. Some Malays were spotted too (And I'm sure they are not less religious). The 1Malaysia spirit was certainly there!

3) Traditional Performances
J'adore! But sadly I didn't see any during my presence there.

4) Hannah
We had our 1st hannahs as well! We were told that this is usually done on the bride during Indian Wedding Feast and it can last for 1 week!

They r super duper chun! Feel like showing off to the whole world.
(Damn, I looked fat...or I am fat?)

Ponggal Fest Aftermath: (i like the word "aftermath" alot!)
No remorse spending my entire morning under the sizzling hot sun. Greatest appreciation to Veron for bringing me along (though she's the one who BENEFITED the best...hehehe)and Shalini for helping me with the suit! And most important of all, my name is now on the Malaysia Book of Records!! (cooking the most Ponggal in Malaysia i guess) All the sweats r worthwhile and I think I'm now eligible to take part in the next season Survivor Show!