Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gay Pride Rally

Today has marked the final Jurisprudence class of my life. It has always been the lecturer 's habit of quoting gay marriages in the UK as an example of hundreds of thousands of legal theories. Everytime he mentioned about how the homosexuals demonstrate publicly in the street, these vivid scene would pop out of no where....

Yeah right, I happened to be in London on 3 July 2010 and was awed by their stunning outfits! It was the 40th Anniversary of Gay Liberation in UK..

At first, I thought it was apocalypse. LOL (I had slipped my mind on the existence of this glorious event then)

So, it turned out to be a parade. Even gay is liberalized, the Brits were still demanding for a change of better law.. And that was the purest reason why I chose to read law... (Mind y'all, I ain't a gay in whatsoever aspect!)

And now I kinda agree that studying law in UK does have its perks!

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