Thursday, May 05, 2011

Review: O'slee Roseship Peeling Gel

Saying is that people with sensitive skin shouldn't use scrubs or peeling gel, in prevention of further irritation of the already-sensitive skin. I, for one, opine that this view is of total absurdity. As a matter of fact, occasional usage improves my skin condition and reduces its sensitivity. Perhaps, my sensitive skin works best with O'slee Roseship Peeling Gel.

The way I took the pic looks familiar huh? O rite, I imitated this course mate S of mine XD
Dead-skin removal price: Rm49.90 @ Guardian

My Love:
Just like all other Os'lee products, I am deeply in love with the faint roseship scent.(J'adore j'adore j'adore!)

My Journey:
Though not seeing eye to eye with the above saying, I'm also taking extra precaution by using the peeling gel once every 2 weeks on T-zone & my nose + once every month on my entire face., prior using a mask. It has never failed to get rid of the blackheads on my nose + a thin layer of dead-skin (or more PROFESSIONALLY - my cuticles >.<). And instantly, my skin turns brighter. And and and there's no new pop-outs on the next day!!! =)

Its gel-like texture coupled with the scent of peace and joy!
My choice:
Since I don't enjoy changing skincare from time to time, I would seriously consider a repurchase when it runs out. [It won't for another few months at least as only minimal quantity is needed to satisfy my needs =)]

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