Saturday, May 21, 2011

Review: Bio-essence Tri-action Aqua Boost

I am neither a fan of Linda Chung nor the brand user (In fact, I sorta despised it .. ) Anyway, I somehow managed to grab a sample pack of Bio-essence Tri-action Aqua Boost and now, I despise Bio-essence no more =)

Despite the itchiness on both sides of my face solely caused by the mask which woke me up in the wee hours of morning, this sleeping mask has managed to do wonders on my sensitive skin (Os'lee y'd better watch out!). My Saturday morning was greeted by a truly bright skin, fully-hydrated and glowing like no other time and it lasts throughout the day (right until current moment!) Of cause, there's no new zit as an outcome of using this mask.

One shortcoming - the scent. It was very artificial albeit nice.
And the scent didn't help me to go straight into dreamland.

And the sample pack was also way too tiny!! I could have shared it with someone if it comes with bigger portion and who knows, Bio-essence might even gain a new customer due to this!

So, I still sounded a bit prejudice huh?

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applefish said...

na..get free sample din share lo..:P