Sunday, October 27, 2013

Culture vulture

When life's trying your, patience, get a henna (or inai) and be artistically charmed =D

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wait a minute, you don't look like a dork!

I always avoid going for outings after a long day. One of the reasons is this.

This happened during a recent dinner with some colleagues I met during my nomadic journey.

R: Hey did any of you go to this Dogatnon in Univesiti Putra Malaysia?

Everybody : ......

R: There were many dogs and it was very fun.

Me: Dork?

R: Yes, dog!

Me: And you went?

R: Yes yes.

Me: OMG I can't believe that. Wait a minute, you don't look like a dork .. I mean you aren't dorky and stuff...

J: Hey you, he's talking about dogs la babe.

Everybody: .......

I shall always keep to my principles =D