Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little Penang Street Market

Again, deepest gratitude to Mr Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook & Alliance Franchaise, I came to know about today's happening event on the Upper Penang Road - not just today, but the last Sundays of every month to be actual.

Spotted its advertisement on the Star, it has always been my dream to check this event out. Because I used to stuck in UUM every last Sundays. So, my happiest dream sort of comes true today.

Surely this was not the best picture I could take. It was 10.20am. Breezy and sunny day. You could get any accessories, clothes, souvenirs, handicrafts and most of all, FOODS @ the flea market. So, it's just another flea market in Penang.

with Little Penang Street Market 1

Acknowledging that Alliance Franchaise would be selling French pastries there, I have secretly vouched to go earlier to the market so that I could locate the freshest pastries there. Turned out, I was their earliest customer. >.<>

French strawberry tart. Tarte aux fraises.
Attractive as it looked, this tart was fantastic - with tasteless custard, crunchy & ultra-milky crust and fresh & sweet strawberries. The combination was God-made.
Super in love the crust. Definitely worth RM10.

Here comes eclair au chocolat. The French donuts according to Wikipedia.
The chocolate custard(with the slightest taste of chocolate) was stuffed inside the bread, topping it with a thin layer of sweet rich chocolate syrup.
OMG. Another marvelous sensation. I just felt like taking another piece. Yummy~~ Again,worth the money.
Place in fridge before consumption.

Also, I bought myself a piece of marble home-made cheese cake as tomorrow's breakfast. And feel like making it my supper tonite. ...

Mom & I actually went to the market with empty stomachs. This was our complimentary breakfast today. Wan tan mee in a coffee shop nearby. Needless to say, the quality of this noodles awed me. It was very good in fact.
I am shameful that I did not discover it earlier.

And to Phoey my old friend, there are times when I am not capable of helping. Please excuse me.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World's Coolest Intern

Neither born with silver nor gold spoon in my mouth, neither Miss Universe nor a stunning Nuffnanger with impeccable English I am, neither techno-savvy nor fashion savvy I am. But, I AM WHO I AM.

I am so gonna be the World's Coolest Intern, be it for Standard Chartered Bank or others.

As a future lawyer cum litigator, 4 years of struggles partly in a law school, and partly in the verge of adulthood, have taught me the art of questioning. Q n A in a court submission method as follows is about the World's Coolest Intern.

1st Issue: Whether there is a clear definition as to what constitutes the "World's Coolest Intern"?
No. There isn't. Can't be identified in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary not LB Curzon Law Dictionary. Standard Chartered Bank is going to lay down a new precedence by picking the winner. The winner defines the term. Once and for all. =)

2nd Issue: What are my features to be the "World's Coolest Intern"?
Guess I would say. Passion is the only weapon I am armed with. I always long for better knowledge and experience: legal, people, product, money ....

I used to be very much in love with this part-time job. It had funded me to go for my UK Backpacking Trip( cum heart-breaking trip la).Until now I still use Hada Labo and I promote the advantages of the products despite the fact that I have stopped working. In fact, even if I don't get picked as the World's Coolest Intern, I would still help promoting Standard Chartered good deeds in contributing to the education of voice of tomorrow :-)

I love to volunteer. I volunteered for Tzu Chi, World Vision as well as other NGOs. You know, giving back to the society. Just like Standard Chartered, which supports AIDS/HIV programmes like no other organization. I can't donate as much as Bill Gates. With fair people skills, I can only donate with my youth and strength to the needy.

3rd Issue: What is the direct connection between Facebook, Twitter & Banking Business?
It spreads the good news, so are the bad news ... just as soon as I am informed of the cancellation of Criminal Procedure class via the Facebook "Share" application, so that I have time to participate in this meaningful contest =)

Why am I deserve to be the World's Coolest Intern? I am simply the coolest among the not-so-cools .. ; D

Friday, October 22, 2010

Simply Pure by Superdrug Stores

I used to have ultra sensitive skin. Consequential to my sensitive skin, it has now turned into dry skin. (by which all the redness has gone) Milk cleanser is most suitable for sensitive cum dry skin - that's what I learned during my Hada Labo era, which proves to be true after experimenting it for almost 3 months now. =)

Never in my life have I tried any milk cleanser before. Just gel cleanser like everyone else knows. Yet, I have managed to locate this gem during my Depressing Trip.....

Product Reviewed: Simply Pure
Type of Product: Calming Cleanser for Sensitive Skin
Price: approx. £ 1.79 for 200ml
(which is RM8.95..way cheaper than Johnson & Johnson >.<)
Where-to-get: Superdrug Store, Newcastle

Simply Pure - Simply Effective
Likable factors:
  • It is fragrance-free. A real one. I don't smell a scent in it, if any.And it is paraben-free also. Another real one.
  • As I only use it to clean both side of my face + nose, it works magically. My face is never as clean after every wash. I suspect also that this cleanser does away the sensitivity of my skin. This cleanser might not be suitable for people with oily skin. 
  • Most importantly, it does not trigger pimples. Nor prevent it lo.What I meant is - there is no sudden pop-outs after applying it. In fact,  I could feel the gentleness of this cleanser even as my pimples did not erupt even I gently rubbed the cleanser on my face.
Anyway, no matter how crazy I am towards it, this Simply Pure is half full only. How I wish I have grabbed two bottles instead of one; or our Guardian or Watsons would have produced the same. Now that I would not be going back for another trip in the near future, I could only hunt for a new brand of affordable milky cleanser ... until my skin turns back to normal =) 

Friday, October 08, 2010

Dessertherapy @ Crêpe Cottage

All of a sudden, I miss Penang, tremendously >.< Though she is just a stone's throw away from this lush green forest, I can't be home until at least 3 weeks from now ... how pathetic!! So, I decided to share a new option with all the dessert lovers (especially Lili Tan ..)

This cottage (is indeed a COTTAGE, we missed it thrice before the excruciating parking experience @ Coffee Island car park) is a home-inspired cafe situated on Gurney Drive. Expect to see no clothed-tables and cutlery, nor highly-trained waiters and romantic ambiance. Warm is the most appropriate word to describe this little place. Forget about the main courses (I haven't got the chance to try yet), the desserts were exquisite~~

Presenting my Mango Cup. I had never in my life consumed a crispy coconut crêpe, which is a sort of pancake. Whatsmore, home-made mango ice cream!!! With nuts as toppings, I was surprised by the luxury underneath the scoops of mango ice-cream. There were more fresh mangoes!!! And guess what? Mango + mango ice-cream = neutral. Ngam ngam! The mixture was just not too sweet.
Magical sensation I would say. Just like love at the first sight(WTF.. haha!)
 Here's me looking a lil bit awkward with the orange background and my orange Mango Cup

Hui Lun's Sunburst. Attractive deco, beautiful name and tasted more or less like mine.And underneath the mango and ice cream and mango, there was a freshly-baked pancake.
Kudos to the mango ice-creams once more. Love it love it love it!

Our Certificate of Contribution - to the recession ^.^ They weren't too expensive. Taking into consideration the pic below.

The portions . Haha. Was just too big a portion for girls. The leftovers. Sharing is most recommended. 
As sharing is loving (...........)

The mango ice cream reminds me of an era - mom's era. whereby a scoop of home-made ice cream sold by vendors cost like 20sen? and now that we can hardly find home-made ice-cream, that we have to drive all the way down Gurney Drive just to have a taste of it, that it costs more than RM3 per scoop, that there are even leftovers after all the hardships. May be this is the so-called lifestyle. I don't know....