Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World's Coolest Intern

Neither born with silver nor gold spoon in my mouth, neither Miss Universe nor a stunning Nuffnanger with impeccable English I am, neither techno-savvy nor fashion savvy I am. But, I AM WHO I AM.

I am so gonna be the World's Coolest Intern, be it for Standard Chartered Bank or others.

As a future lawyer cum litigator, 4 years of struggles partly in a law school, and partly in the verge of adulthood, have taught me the art of questioning. Q n A in a court submission method as follows is about the World's Coolest Intern.

1st Issue: Whether there is a clear definition as to what constitutes the "World's Coolest Intern"?
No. There isn't. Can't be identified in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary not LB Curzon Law Dictionary. Standard Chartered Bank is going to lay down a new precedence by picking the winner. The winner defines the term. Once and for all. =)

2nd Issue: What are my features to be the "World's Coolest Intern"?
Guess I would say. Passion is the only weapon I am armed with. I always long for better knowledge and experience: legal, people, product, money ....

I used to be very much in love with this part-time job. It had funded me to go for my UK Backpacking Trip( cum heart-breaking trip la).Until now I still use Hada Labo and I promote the advantages of the products despite the fact that I have stopped working. In fact, even if I don't get picked as the World's Coolest Intern, I would still help promoting Standard Chartered good deeds in contributing to the education of voice of tomorrow :-)

I love to volunteer. I volunteered for Tzu Chi, World Vision as well as other NGOs. You know, giving back to the society. Just like Standard Chartered, which supports AIDS/HIV programmes like no other organization. I can't donate as much as Bill Gates. With fair people skills, I can only donate with my youth and strength to the needy.

3rd Issue: What is the direct connection between Facebook, Twitter & Banking Business?
It spreads the good news, so are the bad news ... just as soon as I am informed of the cancellation of Criminal Procedure class via the Facebook "Share" application, so that I have time to participate in this meaningful contest =)

Why am I deserve to be the World's Coolest Intern? I am simply the coolest among the not-so-cools .. ; D


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{Karming} said...

realli?? thanks for the compliments!

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Ahh a law student. Same line of business. Nyways, all the best for your post :D I wrote one myself ;)

{Karming} said...

Thanks Vincent!

Jonha @ Happiness said...

Best of luck to both of us. The competition has indeed attractive the best talents in their fields.