Monday, May 30, 2011

PJ Short Stay Serviced Apartment

I 1st came across the word "migration" in Geography when I was in Form 3. Recently, I have observed it myself through many course-mates of mine. Various factors such as lack of learning opportunity and grossly underpaid have persuaded many to move to Petaling Jaya to pursue their pupillage. As I said, majority of them aren't locals. Hence, some have gone through the hardships of having to rent a place for a short stay while undergoing job interviews.

A short rental in PJ is all they need. One of which is at the Kelana Parkview Serviced Apartment. With an affordable daily rental of RM100 (with RM100 deposit), it is most suitable for those (up to maximum 6 guests) who intend to stay for at least 1 night and above.

This is the right place for those who opt for a 5-star experience as there are 3 fully furnished rooms which come with beds, bathroom, wardrobes, a set of sofa, desk, tv, cooking facilities, washing machine, internet, swimming pools and parking spaces. Just so many are complaining about how hot it has been recently, two of the larger rooms are air-conditioned!

Also, this is the place for those who enjoy utmost convenience as Kelana Jaya LRT Station is just a stone's throw away, reachable by taking the T624 Rapid Bus which stops exactly outside the apartment. Nearby amenities include Mc Donald's, an Old Town restaurant, stadium and Giant hypermarket.

As perfect as it is as a short stay apartment, one has to check its availability as some might be quicker than the others to book themselves a cozy shelter in the heart of Malaysia.

So, what else could you ask for?

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Unlike Koyuki and Cate Blanchette, maintaining my skin in moderate condition has always been an effort for me. A TOUGH effort in fact. So today I have decided to further pampering my skin - by making the ever popular oriental White Fungus dessert :-)

Trust me, getting those ingredients was not as easy as I thought.
I had to rush for two different venues to complete the list. And o ya, I overestimated the amount of ingredients.

The Beauty Essence:
One (1) bunch of White Fungus
Six (6) Red Dates
One (1) pear
One (1) sweet potato
Two (2) medium cubes of rock sugar

All it took was 1 hour and voila!

The Magic Portion:

The Tease:
Mom thought it was excessively sweet. And so did I. >.<
It's time to sharpen my cooking skills!
Anyway, I might add pandan leaves & longan the next time I cook

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Review: Bio-essence Tri-action Aqua Boost

I am neither a fan of Linda Chung nor the brand user (In fact, I sorta despised it .. ) Anyway, I somehow managed to grab a sample pack of Bio-essence Tri-action Aqua Boost and now, I despise Bio-essence no more =)

Despite the itchiness on both sides of my face solely caused by the mask which woke me up in the wee hours of morning, this sleeping mask has managed to do wonders on my sensitive skin (Os'lee y'd better watch out!). My Saturday morning was greeted by a truly bright skin, fully-hydrated and glowing like no other time and it lasts throughout the day (right until current moment!) Of cause, there's no new zit as an outcome of using this mask.

One shortcoming - the scent. It was very artificial albeit nice.
And the scent didn't help me to go straight into dreamland.

And the sample pack was also way too tiny!! I could have shared it with someone if it comes with bigger portion and who knows, Bio-essence might even gain a new customer due to this!

So, I still sounded a bit prejudice huh?

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Review: O'slee Roseship Peeling Gel

Saying is that people with sensitive skin shouldn't use scrubs or peeling gel, in prevention of further irritation of the already-sensitive skin. I, for one, opine that this view is of total absurdity. As a matter of fact, occasional usage improves my skin condition and reduces its sensitivity. Perhaps, my sensitive skin works best with O'slee Roseship Peeling Gel.

The way I took the pic looks familiar huh? O rite, I imitated this course mate S of mine XD
Dead-skin removal price: Rm49.90 @ Guardian

My Love:
Just like all other Os'lee products, I am deeply in love with the faint roseship scent.(J'adore j'adore j'adore!)

My Journey:
Though not seeing eye to eye with the above saying, I'm also taking extra precaution by using the peeling gel once every 2 weeks on T-zone & my nose + once every month on my entire face., prior using a mask. It has never failed to get rid of the blackheads on my nose + a thin layer of dead-skin (or more PROFESSIONALLY - my cuticles >.<). And instantly, my skin turns brighter. And and and there's no new pop-outs on the next day!!! =)

Its gel-like texture coupled with the scent of peace and joy!
My choice:
Since I don't enjoy changing skincare from time to time, I would seriously consider a repurchase when it runs out. [It won't for another few months at least as only minimal quantity is needed to satisfy my needs =)]