Thursday, May 26, 2011


Unlike Koyuki and Cate Blanchette, maintaining my skin in moderate condition has always been an effort for me. A TOUGH effort in fact. So today I have decided to further pampering my skin - by making the ever popular oriental White Fungus dessert :-)

Trust me, getting those ingredients was not as easy as I thought.
I had to rush for two different venues to complete the list. And o ya, I overestimated the amount of ingredients.

The Beauty Essence:
One (1) bunch of White Fungus
Six (6) Red Dates
One (1) pear
One (1) sweet potato
Two (2) medium cubes of rock sugar

All it took was 1 hour and voila!

The Magic Portion:

The Tease:
Mom thought it was excessively sweet. And so did I. >.<
It's time to sharpen my cooking skills!
Anyway, I might add pandan leaves & longan the next time I cook

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applefish said...

na, luckily i said NO...haha