Monday, February 22, 2010

Shortbread & I

SHORTBREAD - a tempting word Auntie Lin murmured to me one evening when I did part-time for Lewre shoes in Parkson in June 2009 . As curious as a cat, I urged Auntie Lin (a vivid pastry-lover exactly like me) to tell me how a short bread looks like. Buttery, 7cm long stick, not too thick and most-deliciously tasted after a short toast in the oven & lastly again... extremely buttery. Originated from the Britain, a packet of shortbread costs from RM5.50 onwards. Auntie Lin strongly recommended the Mc Vites' brand, and added that the box is red in colour, surrounded by black squares (like the Scottish skirt - Yahoo Answer says it is a Kilt)

Without due hesitation, I went to the Cold Storage on the ground floor during my rest time to grab myself a pack of scrumptious shortbread. Yet, I found no Mc Vities'. Adversely, I saw a box as described by Auntie Lin.
Similar, aren't they?

RM13 for 10 sticks but not RM5.50 I remember. As expensive as it is, I bought it because I have made up my mind to grab one no matter what. It was actually of the brand of Walker's. It tastes totally like what Auntie said. I would like to add that in fact, it is the best butter cookie a man could ask for. Crunchy and unstoppable. Once u start devouring, u would not be able to stop eating.High in calories but 1 sercing is enough to cure hours of hunger.Heated in oven is even nicer as the buttery taste continuously flow into your mouth and nostril. (I don't always do that due to the weather in Penang) Mom hates it and Sis absolutely loves it!

Since then I have tried a local brand short bread (cheap, good effort but Yucks), Tesco shortbread (locally attainable, affordable and most importantly, delicious - a bit sweet though), Mc Vities' shortbread of cause (too hard for me and the taste is a bit ... erm... hehe .... but its the cheapest in the market minus the local brand I mentioned). Recently, Jack bought me a Marks & Spencer's short bread with Belgium chocolate from UK and I think it was delicious yet a bit soft. Lagi recently, he sent me 3 extra packets of Dean's Scottish Edinburgh shortbread. The coconut and Belgium chocolate were so so. However, the original Luxury All Butter shortbread is highly recommended. One of the best I have ever tried. Not just buttery as it should, but as moderately-soft and easily swallowed. I am just loving it!

Love it love it love it. And I also just found out that shortbread plays an important role in UK. For instance, the hotel would serve shortbread as a welcoming and shortbread is part of a lunch packet there. How unlucky I am not be able to live in UK. Or else, my 3 meals would be none other than different brands of shortbread : ). My resolution: To try as many different brands of shortbread as possible in my June UK trip . Just a little reminder, it is advisable to drink gallons of water after eating shortbread.

All the pics are taken from Google.