Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yummy Raw Meat Noodles

It is an old cliché that the most crucial task of all times for a Chinese is to eat.  As discriminatory as it sounds, I just can’t deny it. One of my missions in Kota Kinabalu is to tantalize my taste buds with its well-known “Sheng Rou Mian/Shang Yuk Min” propagated by the YouTube video “Orang Sabah Style”.
Despite being warned by a local Mantanani Island tour guide that KK doesn’t produce quality Raw Meat Noodles, I have decided to try my luck in one of the coffee shops along Jalan Gaya (the only shop I came across selling this).
Tada tada tada~ Priced at RM6.00, I placed my order for a bowl of dry noodles, instead of soup noodles or kuey teow.All I could taste was dried onion and kicap. Tasted rather familiar I would say. 
As opposed to wat it's called, the meat was not raw. Thin slices of pork meat, fresh home-made meat balls, pork liver were found dipping in the bowl of sweet soup. And guess what, the combination of the soup and the noodles is simply irresistible.

I would rate it a 4 over 5. Gotta try the real famous one in Lintas (or Likas) next round =) Mission accomplished.