Monday, April 19, 2010

Clinelle Deep Cleansing Gel - An Honest Review

After working as a BA for Hada Labo skincare during Nov & Dec 2010, I have finally grown up to be a lady who adores myself more than anyone else. :-)

This is THE time of the year again, THE time to pamper my skin with a new cleanser. P/S: My delicate skin is of ultra sensitive cum oily on my T zone.

My target:
Y am I attracted to it?
During my Hada Labo era, I have erm... 'SNATCHED' some of the customers from this brand. Some bought Hada Labo, and most of their customers insisted on Clinelle. I was and am still amazed at how easily this product can be sold without the assistance of an BA (most of the time la). It was also sold out in Watsons and Gurdian in Jitra and Gurney Plaza. >,<

What research have I done?
I am very particular be trying new products. First of all, I added Clinelle fan club in Facebook. Posted my query there. And read through the comments. The BA during my Hada Labo era assured me that it is dermatologically tested (heck, I dint even what was this then)
I also googled it. And impressed as I was, I couldn't find a SINGLE negative comment on it. I have made up my mind. (hehe)

How much did it cost?
RM28+(after 15% discount). Bought it from a pharmacy in Gurney Plaza.

Is it imported?
Indeed. De la France.

Simple. I have known that good things usually come in simple packages.

After-use Comments:
I am ........ utterly undisappointed. I got what I saw( quoted from Abdul Ghani Patail).
It smells of Citric (kinda reminds me of a Dermalogica cleansing gel). Very light smell. Soothing and not too strong.
With just a 20 cent squeeze on my palm, it clears away all the dirt from my face.
I bet it is mild as I couldn't see any redness on the sensitive areas of my face. I don't feel tight at all. In fact, I could see and feel that my face is definitely cleaner.
After 1 week test, there is no sudden pop-outs from my face.

All in all, this is indeeeed a must-try for people with sensitive skin. My next mission: to find out if this can function well to clean away make-ups and I am on the verge of looking for an affordable but healthy make-up removers!