Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little Penang Street Market

Again, deepest gratitude to Mr Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook & Alliance Franchaise, I came to know about today's happening event on the Upper Penang Road - not just today, but the last Sundays of every month to be actual.

Spotted its advertisement on the Star, it has always been my dream to check this event out. Because I used to stuck in UUM every last Sundays. So, my happiest dream sort of comes true today.

Surely this was not the best picture I could take. It was 10.20am. Breezy and sunny day. You could get any accessories, clothes, souvenirs, handicrafts and most of all, FOODS @ the flea market. So, it's just another flea market in Penang.

with Little Penang Street Market 1

Acknowledging that Alliance Franchaise would be selling French pastries there, I have secretly vouched to go earlier to the market so that I could locate the freshest pastries there. Turned out, I was their earliest customer. >.<>

French strawberry tart. Tarte aux fraises.
Attractive as it looked, this tart was fantastic - with tasteless custard, crunchy & ultra-milky crust and fresh & sweet strawberries. The combination was God-made.
Super in love the crust. Definitely worth RM10.

Here comes eclair au chocolat. The French donuts according to Wikipedia.
The chocolate custard(with the slightest taste of chocolate) was stuffed inside the bread, topping it with a thin layer of sweet rich chocolate syrup.
OMG. Another marvelous sensation. I just felt like taking another piece. Yummy~~ Again,worth the money.
Place in fridge before consumption.

Also, I bought myself a piece of marble home-made cheese cake as tomorrow's breakfast. And feel like making it my supper tonite. ...

Mom & I actually went to the market with empty stomachs. This was our complimentary breakfast today. Wan tan mee in a coffee shop nearby. Needless to say, the quality of this noodles awed me. It was very good in fact.
I am shameful that I did not discover it earlier.

And to Phoey my old friend, there are times when I am not capable of helping. Please excuse me.

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