Friday, August 20, 2010


Got this tiny sunblock from UUM Kachi Mall when I went to the Lost World, Tambun last year. 3 weeks ago, again, I accidentally bumped into it in a convenient shop after clubbing in Langkawi. I know I am dark .. but dark person deserves to be protected from scary UVA and UVB too!! =.=

Do ignore the Evidence 1950 Act behind ( hehe... )

This tiny bottle sunblock of 6g of RM5.90(or RM4.90 ??unsure) worth all the price I paid : ) Kecil kecil cili padi!!

I managed to apply 4-5 layers evenly on my face, my back, both hands and legs in Tambun. The Langkawi one was lesser .. may be it had been placed in the shop for quite some time then =.=

The outcome: I din't become darker(as in overall) after the Tambun trip, maintain to be actual .. probably due to SPF 65 lo ... and no comment for the Langkawi one as I only applied during island-hopping on the third day = ) and of coz I din't get cancer .. LOL
The scent: Lovely !! thickly scented ... but never over-scented ..
The sensation: Cooling as it contains alcohol (anything doesn't??) and neither sticky nor oily at all
My SENSITIVE face: no new pop-outs ad far as I can remember ... hence, it is suitable for ultra-sensitive skin
Re-purchase: I will if I need it again ..n ofcoz I will need it again during my Bali Backpacking soon =)

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