Friday, August 27, 2010

A Review on My Hubby Nixoderm

People, I haven't found a new man yet. This is just my favourite primples cream of 7-months . The Nixoderm. :-@

Got to know it from a blog and due its price factor(plus its effectiveness I got to know from forums), I immediately bought it from Guardian Pacific Komtar during my homecoming and have since, fallen madly in love with it. The Nixoderm sounds expensive .. but it isn't .. it costs only RM4.90. =,=

For your information, I have a sensitive face. :-( and that's not the entire story. My forehead and T-zone are of oily and pimples-prone nature. and the sensitive zone is also pimples prone .. at times (oh how i loathe them!!!)
Despite the burning sensation my my pimples when I apply the cream on my face(to which I really enjoy^^), The Nixoderm actually does miracles on my pimples. My pimples usually fades within 2-3 days by applying the cream on the same spots for the periods. Most important of all, the cream does no damage to the ever sensitive areas of my face with thin skin.

The 2 downsides: the indescribable odour and washing it in the morning requires a great effort. but no worries, my Clinelle Deep Cleansing gel is still doing a good job. : )

All in all, a very pratical product recommended by me n my roomie : ) i think because of the sulphate ingredients in it, it is functioning well in killing germs on my pimples instead of triggering them and hence, no effect on my sensitive zone.

As a bonus, it can clear blackhead. to which I have never tried .. haha

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