Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Berlin Wall

It is now 12.10a.m. and I couldn't sleep yet. So, I guess updating my blog could be a wiser move instead of laying on my bed staring into the ceiling.

This picture was taken in the"Ripley's Believe or Not?"warehouse in the heavenly London during my Depressing Trip.

Once, this was a part of the ubiquitous Berlin Wall of German. Since Dr. Ahmad Masum's mentioning about the East German Bodyguard case of the other day,whereby the people who crossed Berlin Wall was authorized to be killed by the Nazi Regime, this picture had never quit popping out from my mind.

It might be a positive sign that I should read more about this wall. Or better still, it could be related to my final examination on Jurisprudence subject. =) Naive me . . .

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