Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Flight with Air Asia X : KL - STN

30 June 2010 @ 12.30pm - I boarded AAX to London without any complication. It was my second time flying with Air Asia (there'll be more to come I predict). Excited as I was, the flight was actually fulled of foreigners (Hey man, the foreigners from first class countries were more than willing to choose AAX instead of Qatar Airways, Emirates and the list goes on, I was so very proud to be a Malaysian then n there!)

The flight was acceptable. I surely did get what I paid =). Not to the enjoyable extend though. I had never spent 13 + hours on an airplane as far as I can recall. There was no entertainment unless I am willing to pay more, which I didn't of cause - as a backpacker. Chatters with the British lady who lives in Australia and the Malaysian who has a daughter reading medicine Edinburgh, had definitely made my flight more interesting. And so was the Russian who is doing Law in Westminster University. We had great academic discussion on Donoghue v Stevenson!! Didn't suffer backache as I was young, strong and fulled of excitement! Neck ache though =).


I pre-booked my meals due to kiasu-ism =) which I did not regret much afterwards. I have forgotten the price, but they were worthwhile as I remember.

KL-STN: I bought 2 bottles of mineral water to avoid dehydration to the detriment of my skin. 1 bottle was attached with my pre-booked XX Pasta. I have forgotten what pasta was it. The pasta was okay but the side dish sucked. I bought Marigold Orange Juice with RM6, Famous Amos Cookies RM5, Potato Crisps RM4 later to sate my hunger because skipping the side dishes. Couldn't believe I actually spent that much on food then. The British lady took ONLY pasta throughout the 13 hours!

STN-KL: The flight was shorter than the one to London.
I was served with a pre-booked Roasted Chicken. It was actually delicious. It was during the second half of the flight that I realized we would be served two meals on flights to London or vice versa for pre-booked meals. I got my Chicken Cottage Pie but I gave it to a Malay lady because I was so pissed off that I missed a meal on my first flight to London Stansted =.=

The Stewards & Stewardess
The female crews were well-groomed, polite but not too attentive. So, were the male crews. Compared to the local flights, steward & stewardess were actually more attentive. All in all, it is sufficient as all of them are good looking : )


aiwei said...

You are so brave to fly alone for your boyboy.*salute*

I experienced the 13 hours flight before too and I dont think I can ever stand it if there is only me.

Wish you enjoy your uk trip!

Karwen Koay said...

Ahha. Will u mind to update a bit on my blog url? the title was so ancient dy. lol. please.

{Karming} said...

Aiwei: Thanks for reading! I also think that I was brave .. haha ! too bad, he din't appreciate. No more bf now =(

KW: Can be updated? I am so dunno .. haha!!

aiwei said...

Oh I am sorry to hear that because I read other posts you seem to be saving up and go there for him. I am sorry for mistakenly assume you 2 still being together.

You brave girl definitely gonna get a new and much better boyfriendSSSS*plural*

{Karming} said...

aiwei : thanks! if i can ever believe in a guy again lo =) u studied in UK too? such a nice country .... but the culture isn't all suitable for Malaysians lo

ginger cat said...

hey ,

I came across your blog when googled for the french pastries ....
Anyway, i think you are very brave to travel so far for your ex bf, this is something i have done too but not as far as you..

I was just wondering how much you spend for the entire trip?I am planning to backpack there as well..
I would be glad if you could share the info with me..thanks..

ps:i am at the early stage of planning, worry i wont have enough..

{Karming} said...

Hi Gingercat,
I've replied you in your e-mail Check it out!