Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dead Men Tell No Lies

There is a time to live and a time to die. If you own some savings in da bank or 1 Malaysia Trust Fund (because you are so damn lucky that the govt granted you 100 units upon uni entrance), have a few hundred bucks of EPF or SOCSO, possess a Myvi or a motorbike under your name, carry a Canon D500 or iPhone4, and hope that those stuffs go to some specific person e.g. your concubine or BF or even BFF upon your sudden leaving of real world - you ought to have a WILL (wasiat) to kuasa the same. At the same time, owning too many wills causes fuss to your loved ones e.g. died leaving 2 wills

Layman: I wished I did not die... sigh~

Fairy: It is very wrong for you to be greedy, you know .. for you have lived for the past 65 years..

Layman: I died leaving 2 wills ... 2 wills are totally different ... sigh~

Fairy: Ok, then the 2nd will is the valid one lor : ) ( as per Re Palmer's Goods)

Layman: The 2nd will was thumb-printed instead of signed wor... sigh~

Fairy: No worries .. Thumb-print is a valid signature : ) ( as per Thiang Kai Goh v. Yee Bee Eng)

Layman : The 2nd will was not made by lawyers ...sigh~

Fairy: Who cares, as long as it is in writing, signed by you, attested by 2 witnesses, when you are sane, and when you are over 18 years old : ) (S5(1) Wills Act 1959)

Layman: I hope I can rest in peace then ... sigh~

Fairy: You could, as long as there is no vitiating factors such as you were mentally-ill (as per Re Ng Toh Pew deceased)

Layman: Sigh~

In short, make sure you scribble something on a piece of paper or on your shoes or purse before you die, as that could be a will too, if you are too stingy to have a will written by a lawyer. : )

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