Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review: Herbaline Nano Pimples Cream

Cons: Highly priced at RM88 (or RM80) for 20g, Herbaline Pimples Cream does not work magic on me like it has worked for Lili. Based on my approx 2-month experience, pimples would subside in 3-4 days' period after day + night application. Since I am instructed to spread it evenly on my face, and it does not prevent the growth of new pimples. The amount used on each pimple is substantial. Also due to my skin color, I actually looked pretty pale after applying it.

Pros: The scent is decent, J'adore! It is a perfect concealer I would say as scars can be perfectly covered. Not diminished though it is promised that it would lighten scars.

Repurchase? I definitely don't think so ... : )

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