Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Errr ...I'm a lawyer!

One of the perks of working as Scott Brand Ambassador @ Jom Heboh TV3 2010 was that I got to distribute orange balloons to kids. Believe me, it's the most self-fulfilling & confidence-boosting task ever. When you appear from the booth with a bunch of orange balloons, you command great attention when kids and parents would surround you like a swam of bees and endeavour to grab balloons from you. Just love the task! Anyway, there's this man who came to me when I was doing my job.

Pak Cik: Can I have a balloon for my son (while his son looked @ me innocently)

Me: I'm sorry as our balloons are strictly for customers only. (Then, I began to promote the cheapest package available)

Pak Cik: Ah moi, please la! I am a police man. (softly he uttered, or should I say coerced?)

Me: errr ... I am a lawyer!!

Pak Cik: ....(Speechless and left)



applefish said...

wahaha...good....can use it next time

玉寧 said...

lawyer, so proud lo!!
that police pak cik's must felt ashamed. :-P

Ra said...

i like this.. wahahaha xD