Friday, November 26, 2010

"Marrying Mozart"

Well, I ain't marrying him (if so, I would have become a heroin in his opera, which is utter romantic .. lolz) This is but the most recent masterpiece by Stephanie Cowell I read since 2 days' back. Overwhelming as it is, this is another romance genre I really fancy, twisting the career & relationships of young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (the prodigy classical musician in Vienna) and the 4 Weber sisters.

I must admit that musician isn't a character I am familiar with (coz Danielle Steele talked about lawyers, housewives, pilots and militants almost all the time). But I can't help noticing that musicians like Mozart & Igor Stravinsky (the Russian musician who involved with Coco Chanel) did bear some similarality e.g. they would "imprison" themselves for quite sometime & need women influence in order to compose good music =.=

Highly commendable and it is available in UUM library. Yes, DA LIBRARY -- the place I am gonna miss most when I leave ... the place I spent hours reading newspapers ... n the best library stored with the most comprehensive novels... n I earnestly hope that my future workplace owns a library just like this one

And my favorite sentence:
" In them he asked Aloysia many times why she couldn't love him as much as he loved her."

P/S: the German Border Guard case was part of the answer of my juris paper as I predicted in that post.

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