Friday, November 26, 2010

Banana Juice in Pink

It is amongst my favorite beverages in UUM till to date. Obtainable in Subaidah, UUM. Countless times have I spread words to fellow UUM students that it is a "magical" beverage. Fellow UUM pals would stared at me and uttered, "BANANA JUICE???" Everyone reacted the same, as far as I can remember. :-)

I bought it again on 23/11/2010, as a consolation to myself on the day we finished 3 equally challenging consecutive papers on 3 days' period.. Odd enough, it was PINK in colour on that day (as opposed to the usual faded yellow.. u noe, banana kan)

How to make a Banana Juice?
Blend milk, banana, syrup and ice together. And voila!

Thrilled, I asked the staff there how come it was so. The staff told me in broken BM that it was SPECIAL. Yet, it tasted as good as ever(even better I suspected) Eventually, I figured out they just substituted red syrup with their normal syrup.

Then, it struck me. Life's just like Banana Juice(lolz!!) It's up to our creativity to shape our future. And there's always more than one way to make some of our dreams come true (or all perhaps) ;-))) Surely, I am so gonna miss the Banana Juice from Subaidah when I leave.....

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