Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Scent from the Drying Area

While majority of Malaysians family has been celebrating the joyous Hari Raya Haji since the day before, we, the second floor-ers of H Block of College of Bank Rakyat, on the contrary, have been scented by this foreign odour for the past 2 days. Sharp, nasty, and so sickening that anyone standing near it would feel like throwing up on the spot - best described the "scent". Lets have a wild guess what is it!

Having no idea why it is called a "Drying Area" instead of a "Laundry"(probably because washing machine is on the other end of the alley), dirty clothes of 2-days could not be washed. Eventually, we have to wash them on the 3rd floor. To make matter worse, our bathrooms & toilets are just adjacent the Drying Area and it is almost the end in the alley between our rooms. Which means we can't avoid the "scent" even before leaving our room to go tapao downstairs or when nature calls.

The scent came from the scattered excrement (or shits) in the basin in the Drying Area. We inferred that the excrement was from a cat(the grey one which has been wondering outside our room since Sunday) instead of the noisy monkeys. There were some new pieces added to the scattered pieces this morning. Yuck!! I really wish that the holiday would end soon. And so is our little hardship here.

Till death the "scent" would linger in our nostrils. In mine n my roomie's at least.

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