Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scrubs: The Sitcom & The Reality

Visiting a clinic always reminds me of "Scrubs" the sitcom, n more recently - "The Private Practice"(I am a goner, I know). No matter how hard I pray, the experience is always the opposite from that on the TV screen. Today, for one.
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The idiot box portrays: A pleasant looking receptionist talking on a telephone would ask the person on the line to hang on and courteously greet the patient. Some nurses walk swiftly by the reception.
Today's reality check: Escorted by the dazzling hot sun, I walked toward the counter and the exhausted-looking-due-to-constant-sitting-and-gossiping-in-the-counter-since-early-morning receptionist instructed me to a board saying "Counter will be reopen at 2pm".It was 3.20pm then.So, I was further instructed to another signboard written " Thursday: 8am to 3.15pm."

The idiot box portrays: When you need them, they'll be there for you. When someone in hysteria or in labor appears in the lounge of a hospital, all the surgeons, doctors, nurses, cleaners and receptionist would rush here n there & to get the someone into emergency room or whatsoever they call.
Today's reality check: After minutes of incessant complaint, the receptionist said I could go the Emergency Unit. I wasn't in trance or in labour of cause. And there were 10 students waiting patiently. No staffs were within my vicinity until I found the room. It was another long 20-minutes before my turn to be diagnosed - not by a doctor by an assistant doctor who read medicine for a sheer 3-years (according to the "assistant doctor"=.=''').

Anyway, I only had a swollen eye. And was given so many types of medicine. And even a packet of KK. >.<
The 1st question I was asked at the counter was: why is ur eye swollen? And I was glad, for a moment, that I was not on a death bed, for the PROFESSIONALS in PKU could hardly render any assistance but only asking myself to diagnose what's da cause of my swollen eyes.

Of cause you would say: A clinic is not a hospital. : )

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