Saturday, March 12, 2011

Review: Organic Face Rosewater Toner from Boots Botanics

While most of my Chinese course mates just set foot in their dorms after a fulfilling 2D1N Hatyai trip, a bankrupt law student like me can only nail in front of lappie doing review on Organic Face Rosewater Toner, a victor I claimed from Boots Lee Garden, Hatyai : ( Pathetic, aren't me? No, of cause, I am writing the review for the sake for public good, you know, those who succumb to words of mouth in the cyber forum : )

Enough of the crap, this is another toner I would call a gem.
Original Price: 280 bahts for 150ml
After 70% off: 84 bahts (which is a mere RM8.40!!!)
Indeed it is a water. Faintly rose scented (How I adore it!Oslee aftermath I guess), I apply it every morning after cleansing my face. Since I massage it on my face using bare hands but not a cotton pad(coz I missed the damn English instruction covered by the Thai instruction), sticky dirt leftover can still miraculously be cleansed(and gummed on my palms.. yuckie).

And it is made in UK(i.e. equivalent to QUALITY :>)
Its impact on a lady with combination skin(yeah.. upgraded from sensitive to sensitive+pimples skin) was powerful. My skin is always supple, less oily, my pores become tinier, brighter skin tone and definitely lesser pop-outs! Yes to repurchase but at the moment, I have something else on my mind. Till then XOXO

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