Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy New You : Hollywood Costumes

Prologue: This was supposed to be my 1st advertorial ever!! However due to the dishonesty, insincere and fraudulent act of the advertiser, I called this deal off. And I kept the post because I was actually proud of this "masterpiece" >.<. Enjoy your ride!

An adventurous romance between a stranger named Frank on the train, who turns out to be the charming cross-border wanted criminal, and a sexy secret agent - Elise Ward in the ever scenic Venice, Italy can only be a story in Hollywood blockbuster "The Tourist" (starring my hero Johnny Depp & Angeline Jolie) or a sheer daydream for many others. suposed

Sure enough there is only one Elise Ward on earth but there is no wrong for trying to be one. Or to dress like one, at least.

With the assistance of, you could be in the limelight strolling around the malls in Malaysia dressing up as a bombshell secret agent, just like Elise Ward in "The Tourist".

You can even dress up as demure Sayuri in "Memoirs of a Geisha", princess Rapunzel in "Rapunzel" or Elizabeth Swann in "Pirates of the Caribbean"

The choice is all yours. You name it, you can find it

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