Friday, October 03, 2008

Private & Confidential: Time Management of An Undergraduate

Gone are the days when time was like endless and well-filled with nothing but great memoirs. My life as an undergraduate is totally different from my life as a student. Living alone in a dorm, I am granted the freedom to do whatever I like (kekeke!!).
At the same time, I have to keep myself in g00d shape.Undergraduates like us are expected to prepare scrap books, presentation and other nonsensical assignments most of the time we attend Management Accounting or even Legal Ethics class. But is that all the work I have to complete everyday?? Certainly NOT! And for an active undergraduate like me, there is the endless round of society meetings, intra-uni competition, seminars and the like. Let me tell you, 24 hours is definitely too short a day for me!Besides, tests, exams and quizzes are always looming threateningly around the corner.

Reading novels, swimming and outings with friends could never be scrapped. Family home-coming is another excuse for me to spend my weekends in my hometown – the Pearl of Orient.How does a typical layman like me cope it?Despite all the ups and downs of my campus life, I have never submitted my assignments late, neither did I fail my papers, nor have I played truant in order to study for test. The only secret ingredient is PLANNING.Once I am distributed a task, the submission date will be jotted down in a cute memo board (SEE BELOW) in my room, in sequence. Once it is done, it will be deleted!

I do my chores very quickly (finish washing clothes in 12mins, can you do that?), revise whenever and whatever and wherever I can, spend some precious time with my pals tasting delicious cuisine in Changlun and Jitra Mall, keep myself up-to-date with the latest news (yaya, I know that….), listen tentatively to what lecturers teach in Kuliah and plan EVERYTHING a forehead of me.

Of course, I intend to spend most of my weekends with my beloved family in Penang. Since I could not have brought the university back with me, I could bring home the assignments I wish to accomplish. Technology is so advanced that I could clarify any ambiguity with my fellow group mates by just a few clicks on my email.

Surely, it is tough to be an all-rounder, but I am forced to live through my undergraduate life. I hope to learn as much as possible from this so-called period of storm and stress and emerge as a successful time manager … and not to forget my ultimate dream --- to become a lawyer.

My Daily Planner

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