Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mamma mia~

Listening to 'Voulez-vous' , one of the many fabulous tracks from 'Mamma Mia the Movie', I am totally impressed by the 1hour+ movie (merci to sis!). Those who haven't caught it shall either drive directly to the nearest cineplexes, or buy a ... DVD (ha ha) or download it from somewhere else.. because this is one hell of WORTH- watching movie .. simply loving it!

Some lame excuses which could easily be rebutted as followed:

Jerk:Oldies - they are so not my thingy ..
Me: O Pleaseeeeee, u would fall in love with ABBA... the oldies are nothing but terrific!

Jerk:Only my mom and dad adore Broadway movies
Me: What, am I aged your mom and dad? ofcause they would, and YOU would be as thrilled as they are, basically

Jerk:'House Bunny' perfectly suited me, I am so so into social and fashion thingy : )
Me: I bet you are! 'Mamma Mia' combines all the latest Bohemian accessories with naked make-ups to gladiator sandals (what Veron calls it) ... they are true-true fashionistas!

Jerk: Too many songs and storyline-deprived is a no-no!!!
Me: With all the great songs, rest assured that it has one of the sweetest script I have ever seen

Jerk: Its expensive!
Me: Go on movie day, borrow your cousin's student card, go before 11am, download it, steal it-there's always a way out...

Well, I really, utterly dont see any reason one refuses to watch it. It even has enchanting scenery of an I-dont-know-what-izzit-called island, hot dudes and exotic lasses, and some good french as bonuses. Once again, love it!

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