Friday, October 03, 2008

Its the Final Countdown

1 week + gone and 72hours down -- my annual raya vacation has almost come to a grieve halt :-( soon I'll have to to continue my excruciating journey to the northern-most, serene-ever, jungle of the jungle in Malaysia. that's more depressing than failing to recall all cases in a Tort test (ahaha!)

Despite all the gloom, I managed to steal a great deal of pleasure out of it. I've gone shopping, got my hair done, completed some assignments (yuck!), spent precious time with family & friends and last but not least, gathered with my oldies! 3 days down & please dont expect me to mourn for it.

Yesterday was a delight. The day kicked start by me, Lili n mChen went hiking in the Youth Park. Hanging out with them was of great fun but I failed to complete the hike due to my lack-of-stamina disorder. As a result, I waited alone in the middle of lush green mountain before they came back with victorious smile. I was such a loser but I would not compromise my life with a tiny triumph like this! haha

Was supposed to go to Hazlina's open hse but did not manage to go due to time constraint. Je sui desolee~lina !!!

Splendour was that particular evening with 3 of us plus SP joining us in the enchanting Batu Feringgi Beach for dinner at L.A.B. (uncertain whether its a bar, or lounge.. anyway, CONGRATS for L.A.B's 1st anniversaire) The sand was soft and the breeze was strong. Summer was all the season I could feel of then. Never did I realize that Penang would have such a romantic fine little place for us to cherish.

These are some of the pretty moments captured. Some are with Lili's but thts all i could update now. : ) have fun!

Dusk of my motherland (Minus the dark clouds)

Kita Berempat

Spot the beauty?


L.A.B. (i guess its 'Lee, Abu, Balakrishnan' - multiracial identity.. kaka)

Pussy Foot the mock tail

Western cuisine - chic Maryland ... tasted OKAY but if wasnt the ambiance of the sea .. it would hv rated muccchhhhhh lower (besides, its exactly like chic chop .. for wat named after a fancy name like tht?)

Ambiance+contentious ... priceless
That was all. Heading out for Mamma Mia and another round of shopping spree! Chaoz!

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