Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Review: Teatree + Witchhazel Anti-blemish Deep Cleansing Facial Foam

New year, new cleanser! **Hint hint: After all these years, I can't believe that Teatree + Witchhazel Anti-blemish Deep Cleansing Facial Foam has gone against all odds & emerged as my current best cleanser!! (Wayyyy effective than the Clinelle I previously used, considering my current blemished skin). Not to shock you, but it is seriously unavailable in this self-proclaimed cosmopolitan Malaysia.

I dug this gem from: Boots Pharmacy, Lee Garden @ Hat Yai
The $ I forked out to pamper my skin: Approx Rm10.90 (which was 109.50 bahts after 15% PWP discount from original price of 129 bahts)

How it serves my nostrils
This gem is typically fragrance-free, it smells like its medicated, if any. Wonder why British formulated products are fragrance-free? J'adore anyway.
A gem it is
A turquoise. It glows in the dark just like in the picture and it turns into hundreds of thousands of minute bubbles after pumped out from the container. Kind of reminds me of a Johnson & Johnson cleanser I used during my teenage kingdom. A small pump keeps your face shine-free all day long!
The Aftermath
2 weeks after I 1st set hand on it, my skin is miraculously cleared (OK, my face was covered with acne and pimples due to ultra-exposure to frizzling sunlight while working for the Scott). Acne and pimples bid me goodbye when I take good care of my food and sleep and I enjoy staring my brighter skin on the mirror for hours. : ) Sounds paranoid I know.
Further contribution to the recession
O yes I do.. if my face is ever in need of it again and if I am too loaded to go north to Hatyai again.

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