Saturday, August 13, 2011 Became

As someone who's turning over a new leaf in the vibrant capital of Malaysia, the most common conversation I would strike is:

Poor me: Hey pal, do u happen to know any empty room near XX with a good environment + a monthly rental of RMX00?

People: U should try! There are tones of room to be picked from. List your location of choice and the next thing you do is moving into your new home sweet home!

Recently, I discovered that this URL does not exist anymore while google-ing for this page. As curious as everyone, it has come to my knowledge that this page has been renamed as (saving that every function of da webbie is still the same, with only a difference to its URL) And needless to say, this' how I managed to find my 2nd Campsite (which will be updated as soon as I move in i.e. Monday!!!) In case you doubt the authenticity of my words, pictures below worth a thousand words =) is widely publicized throughout Malaysia, though words of mouth/ words of taxis,
and all of us who benefit from it without paying a penny would never forget it,
be it or

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oyster lew said...

hey thanks for the information, didn't know the change of name for cari bilik