Friday, January 21, 2011

Review: O'slee Rosehip Complete Eye Cream

Oh-I-ain't-young-anymore-conscious, unavoidable addiction as a to Mark Zuckerberg's creation (Or not his?) and the shrinking cum darken of my charming eyes like many aging ladies have prompted me to become one of the preys of the skincare industry. I swear to myself that I can't wait till my fine lines are out. Thus, I have started my eye care regime with O'slee Roseship Eye Cream (RM59.90 for 15ml).

That's not my leg!! >.<

Review: Now that I have been using it for the past 3 months, I must say that the effect isn't obvious. However, it does manage to moisturize the areas surrounding my eyes and thus, NO FINE LINES!!!! At the same time, seeds do not grow and I do not feel oily after using this eye cream. My dark circles are yet to be reduced though I can see my eyes are instantly revitalized after each application (guess it is due to the ingredient of caffeine). But as I said, it is just not obvious! However, I did read from somewhere that this kind of eye cream is exactly what people of my age need.

Just like the sleeping mask, the scent is most favorable though it could be detriment to the skin. Another perk is that stop using the eye cream would not worsen my eyes condition.

Also, the price is affordable though not cheap.

Re-purchase: I guess the skincare industry still has much to offer as I am still a beginner. Of cause I wish to test out other eye creams as well. So, its a "No" for now!

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