Friday, January 07, 2011

Laughing with Dusty: Hoo Hoo Haa Haa .. Yeah!!

Stressed out? Frustrated with credit card bills? Had a bad patch with your other half or fussy colleagues? All you have to do is to laugh out aloud. In other words, to undergo laughter therapy - to laugh for nothing. :-D

Dusty the laughter trainer & I
(O ya I din't gain any weight anyway ... its just a matter of angle! >.<)

Laughter therapy originates from Indian & its called laughing yoga (cool huh?) The benefit of laughing is borderless and I can only remember one which 10minutes of laughing is equivalent to dunno how many minutes of walking, and thus it is good to keep you in shape (Dusty's look speaks of this, as she's 50-year-old mom with a 20-year-old daughter) and chase away unanticipated ailment.

Some examples of laughter therapy I could recall include:
1) Fake laughing by mimicking the Hoo Hoo Haa Haa sound, cheating your brain to believe that you are happy, then you become happy : D

2) Laugh & breath at the same time. Your inhale must be shorter that exhale. You know, to get rid of the CO2, you are out of stress promptly!

3) Love your body! Every part of it!

4) Sawadika Ha Ha Ha ... Ha Ha Ha Ha Looo.... Yeah!!

5) Motion laughter - to attach movement with laughter. E.g. making a circle and co-operate to laugh together

6) Cry laughing ... woo woo wooo ha ha ha ha ... looking at your credit card bills and laugh your heart out (hmmmm..)

Kudos to Hospice Home Penang (Rumah Hospis ) for organizing such a superb session!!!
In addition to meeting tones of cheerful volunteers...

Post-therapy Remarks: I have emerged as a positively empowered person and was actually stress-free for couple of hours. However, it is not very practicable daily as mom & even my neighbours would have thought that I am nuts laughing out so kuat, regardless of how effective the therapy actually is... HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAH... but it is very suitable as an energizer during group programmes

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